We Welcome River Researchers!
RIVERPAL GOKASEGAWA can accommodate river researchers
Accommodations: One Japanese room (about 7 m2), one cooking space, one shower room, and bedding You can also use a washing machine.

Meal:  Please cook for yourself or eat out.

Fee:    \500 for one night (for the bed sheet).

Note:   Applicants must be able to speak basic Japanese or English.

Please send the following necessary items to out contact address.○ Name (in English letters)


Contact Address:

Mrs. Doi
Gokase-Gawa Ryuiki Network
NPO Corporation
Reclaimed Land near River Mouth
Maki-Machi, Nobeoka City
Miyazaki Prefecture
TEL/FAX: (+81) 0982-42-3005mail

Application method

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